The “Good Wife’s Guide” Giveaway

It’s here!  The Good Wife’s Guide is finally here.  My dear friend, Darlene over at Time Warp Wife has finished her latest ebook.  She’s given me a free copy to host a giveaway just for you!

A glimpse of the author: Darlene says, “As a Christian, I accept the Word of God to be true, and each time I apply it to my life I quickly discover that there is a good reason God put it there. His wisdom exceeds mine.  Does this mean that I am a doormat to my husband or that I’m compromising my beliefs in any way? Absolutely not—I’m reinforcing them. I’m living out my faith which is backed by belief. I’m happily choosing to be my husband’s helper because faith powers every decision I make.  I believe that I was created with purpose, and in living out our purpose we discover a peace which passes all understanding through Jesus Christ our Lord.

A glimpse of the book: The Good Wife’s Guide encourages women to make faith and family their first priorities from a place of sacrificial love. It reminds women that they were created with a specific purpose in mind, which is that of being a help meet. In supporting our husbands and living in unity we reflect God’s blueprint for marriage.
This is a great book.  Whatever stage you are in your life, there is something for you; married and single alike.
Here is the type of encouragement you’ll find in the book:
  • Take a look in the mirror an hour before your husband comes home to ensure that you are presentable. An hour allows ample time to hop into the shower if need be.
  • Put aside your problems and be cheerful when he walks in the door.
  • Make an effort to look at him when he is speaking so that he has your full attention.

Please get your copy today!  It’s available at: Time Warp Wife. You may also find it on Amazon.

And one of you has a chance to recieve a free copy right here!  Right now!  Can you stand it?  I can’t!!!! :-)
To be entered for the giveaway, you must leave a comment.  Tell me why you’d like to have this book.  That’s it.  Super easy.  I’ll let you know the winner in Friday’s post.

Thank you for letting me share my friend with you.  Please make sure to share this great resource with someone else.  Remember, we are blessed to be a blessing!

The giveaway is now closed.

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