Happy 1st Day of Spring!!!


Hello My Sweet Readers! Today, in my neck of the woods, it was in the 80′s. Happy 1st day of Spring! It felt like summer, but I’m not complaining.

As a way to celebrate this lovely season, I thought it would be fun to take a look at what Pinterest has to say about Spring. [...]

Pinning For Food Friday

Today is Food Friday!!!! I’ve only cooked once this week. Yeah, yeah…just once. We had spaghetti. I don’t have pictures, nor did I write out the recipe. So I have pinned some lovely dishes from Pinterest to get us in the Food Friday mood. We will just proceed as usual because…well because…well because, I said [...]

My First Printable


So I’ve been seeing all of these lovely printables on Pinterest. I adore them! I’ve seen some awesome printables on many blogs out there. I guess secretly, I’ve wondered, “How in the world do they do that?” Well I did some digging and I found a tutorial. It was quite simple. Simplicity is appreciated


This Week…

Argghhhhh! Hey ya’ll! This week has been a bit trying. So trying, that I forgot today was Food Friday. So, I’m in this post now, making some adjustments But guess what, GOD is still GOD. No matter what we’re going through he’s still on the throne. He hasn’t fallen off. I was talking to a [...]