Nashville Christmas Vacation

Hello Everybody! I hope you enjoyed a fantastic Christmas. Mr. Cooper and I had a wonderful six days in Nashville, TN. We stayed in one of our favorite hotels, the Gaylord Opryland.  This hotel at Christmas is even more beautiful than usual.  We were like little kids in a candy store.  We ate at several great places.  I didn’t take any photos of the restaurants (sorry about that).  My favorite was called, Monell’s.  If you go to Nashville, I highly recommend this restaurant.  It is definitely an experience.  It’s family style.  There was a table for 11 people.  You could sit at a table with total strangers.  We met some cool people while there.  We enjoyed it.  We also finally got a chance to go to the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Here are some pictures.  I took lots, but here are just a few.  I hope you enjoy them.  Love ya!  Bye.

There was a beautiful nativity scene outside of the hotel. They placed the bible Christmas story over loud speaker. The peace of God was there. It was beautiful.

Just some of the beauty inside the hotel.

This is the Garden wing of the hotel.

Christmas is not complete without a flying zebra!

Now this is a stocking!

It was like an indoor tropical paradise.

The area is called Delta Island...

Although we didn't take one, they had carriage rides every night.

Country Music Hall of Fame

cool exhibit

Gold and Platinum records galore...

Look at these boots. Oh my...

Not everyone knows this but I love me some Elvis. My husband thinks that is quite funny. LOL

If I had to write on a typewriter, I'd want to write on this one. Isn't it pretty?

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