Awesome Weekend

I had an awesome weekend. Friday afternoon, my hubby and I vegged out. We got some much needed rest. Then hubby had several options for a date night. We chose to go to a local park and conduct our own fun photo shoot. It was sooooo much fun. We laughed and ran in the grass like two kids. He got the idea from a blog called, Christian PF.  Here’s a pic my husband took of me.  He said it was his favorite.


Here’s a picture I took of my sweetness.  There’s a really cool photo editting website called Picnik.  (Picnik is gone, :-) Picmonkey does many of the same things.  Check it out and have some editting fun.

My photo editting fun.


After our photo shoot, we went to dinner.  It was quite delish.  We had a great pizza that was cooked in a stone oven.  Yummy.  Then a tasty rice pudding dessert.  After that we were going to see the Lion King, but we were a little sleepy and decided to save it for another date :-)

Today we had a great time with friends.  We were invited to a cookout.  We ate, talked, rode a 4-wheeler.  It was an amazing time.  Times like these add years to life.  Enjoy your life to the fullest!  It’s God’s will.  Meditate on John 10:10 and have ”a full day” with Jesus.

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